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Dangers of US-China Bifurcation of World Order: A Cambodian View

The US-China talks in Alaska has become a prelude of the consolidation of bifurcation of world order. The level of concerns for tensions can range from fiercer competition, to rivalry, and to wars at different forms and fronts.

When China announced the relief of conditions for visitors who had received Chinese vaccines, it drew a question that: what if different countries set different requirements for different types of vaccines? How would people’s mobility, medical choices, business interactions or even nationalities, would be impacted from such requirements? The racism and anti-Asian hate crime in the US is quite disturbing already.

Some of the impacts have been pre-existing, especially in terms of trade and technological wars.

In these domains, US-China bifurcation creates complications for economic and market choice with the camouflage of ideological competition as the overarching context, and mutual accusations of technical and technological deficiencies, thefts, unfair competition and protectionism as the logics on the ground.

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