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Digital entrepreneurship for women given a boost

The Cambodian think tank Asian Vision Institute (AVI), Woomentum and the Harpswell Foundation have launched a “Women Digital Entrepreneurship Programme (WDE)”.

It is a joint venture to empower women’s digital entrepreneurship, business and social skills via policy dialogue, training, research and publication.

The programme will kick-start with policy dialogue among female entrepreneurs and policy and change-makers  on various topics including women’s entrepreneurship, women’s leadership, digital transformation, gender equality and sustainable development.

The dialogue will be conducted monthly via Zoom and live-streamed on the Facebook pages of AVI, the WDE and the Harpswell Foundation. In 2022, the programme will continue with a training programme, aiming to provide practical skills on how to harness digital technology for business development and to promote a trust-based community of women entrepreneurs. Starting in 2022, the programme will also begin its research into and publication about women’s entrepreneurship and digital transformation to contribute to policy recommendation in these fields.

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