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Cambodia’s Embrace of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Managing Asymmetries, Maximizing Authority

An article on “Cambodia’s embraces of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Managing asymmetries and maximising authority” has been published by Asian Perspective of the Johns Hopkins University Press. Volume 45, Number 2, Spring 2021, pp. 375-396. Dr Chheang Vananrith, President of AVI, argues: “Cambodia has pursued a hedging approach to strengthen its bargaining power as well as to reduce the risks from overreliance on China. The BRI provides extensive material resources for the Cambodian elites to consolidate their power, as well as to stimulate economic growth and bolster the regime’s performance legitimacy, which is further complemented and augmented by nationalist legitimization vis-à-vis the West, Vietnam, and Thailand, challenges for which Beijing offers a politico-security umbrella.”

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