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Cybersecurity Legislation in Cambodia: Policy to Improve Cyber Readiness and Resilience

ISSUE 2022
No 01
Release 15 February 2022
By SANG Sinawong (PhD), KONG Phallack (LLM, LLB, & DDS), OU Phannarith (MBA), CHHEM Siriwat (MDTM)

Advancements in digital technology applications, coupled with high digital adoption rates, have resulted in increased interconnectivity and more efficient communication – ultimately boosting the economy and benefitting the society in Cambodia. However, increased digital adoption and interconnectivity correspondingly lead to more potential cybersecurity risks. Cambodia may learn from cybersecurity resolutions of international organisations and cybersecurity laws of established nations in ASEAN, Asia, and beyond to reinforce national cybersecurity legislation as a policy instrument to improve cybersecurity readiness and resilience for the government, companies, organisations, and individuals. This paper offers background knowledge on the concepts of cybersecurity legislation in the region and around the world and serves as key suggestions for Cambodia’s future cybersecurity law.