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Interview – Chheang Vannarith

Dr Chheang Vannarith is a public policy analyst and government relations strategist. He has over a decade of research experience in geopolitical and political economic analysis, with a focus on Southeast Asia. He is currently serving as President of the Asian Vision Institute (AVI) where he leads projects on geopolitical risk analysis, regional security, smart village development, inclusive digital economy, and leadership development. He was honoured as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2013 and Southeast Asia Young Leader by the IISS-Shangri-La Dialogue in 2016.  

Where do you see the most exciting research/debates happening in your field?

As the global power shift is happening and the geopolitical rivalry between the US and China is intensifying, the realist school and great power politics have gained more traction and relevance in explaining international relations. The key questions in the field relate to the future of multilateralism and US-China relations. Asian theories of International Relations are another interesting development in the field given the growing influence of China and other Asian countries on a new world order. As yet, there are no coherent and structured Asian theories.

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