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Top US paper misleading world on Cambodia’s Covid fight

An article by Charles McDermid published in The New York Times on July 24, 2021, titled “They Were Once Luxury Venues. Now They Are Grim Covid Camps” presents a distorted picture of Cambodia’s struggle to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The Times is telling the world that the Cambodian government is imprisoning its own people during the pandemic instead of providing medical treatment.

It is a fact that Cambodia is small and weak. We Cambodians are well aware of this fact and we are not hiding anything. The difficult situation of Covid facilities is in plain sight, and those who are in the facilities can share photos or videos on social media.

It is also a fact that Cambodia is in a “red line” situation and complaints are inevitable, and the government has publicly announced the seriousness of the situation.

The government even allows people with mild cases to receive treatment at home as health personnel are struggling to cope with the increased number of cases, which explains the slow pace of testing and care provided to individual patients or quarantined citizens.

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