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Chinese aid a politically freeing act, PM asserts

Prime Minister Hun Sen called on ruling political parties around the world to boost cooperation and refrain from interference in the internal affairs of other states.

Hun Sen made the remarks at the summit between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and other political parties from around the globe under the theme “For the People’s Wellbeing: Responsibility of Political Parties”, held via video conference on July 6.

“We must uphold the lives and interests of the people and international solidarity and cooperation with strict respect for the sovereignty and independence of each nation.

“All political parties, regardless of tendency, must prioritise the interests of the nation and the people, never compromising by following a short-term political agenda of ruthless struggle for power without regards for peace, stability, national sovereignty and the wellbeing of the people,” he said.

In these extremely challenging circumstances, Hun Sen said political parties should feel a deep sense of responsibility to their nations and their peoples and end the culture and behaviours of jealousy, suspicions and baseless accusations and criticisms and replace it with a constructive attitude and the spirit of cooperation in solving the challenges faced by humanity and by the people, both within the global framework as well as within individual countries.

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