From 01-04 July, 2019

From 01-04 July, 2019, AVI team led by Hon. Noritada Morita, and Japanese delegates from NARA Prefecture led by OINDO MASAMI, CEO of the Agricultural Production Corporation of OINDO Farm Co., LTD. and Mr. Masataka Masuharu, Representative Director of HOUEI FORESTRY Co., LTD. had visited Koh Kei Ancient Temple, Koh Kei Village, Preah Vihear Eco-Global Museum, Preah Vihear Temple, Eco-Village, Preah Vihear Authority’s woodcraft House and Tree Transplantation Center, Community Forestry, Preah Vihear Eco-Park, Villager Farm, Charcoal Producing House, Woodcraft Factory and Bamboo Forest Mountain. The purposes of the trip are to explore opportunities for the development of ecologically-friendly forestry and agricultural practices that would sustain traditional ways of life, while providing income generation for Cambodian rural people through Japanese Agriculture Technology Support and Human Resources Training. The trip is part of TECHO 100 Model Village Project.

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