From 04-09 March 2019

From 04-09 March 2019, an AVI Team consisting of Hon. Noritada Morita, AVI Visionary Chairman; Mr. Shambhu Malla, AVI Advisor; and Dr. Keo Piseth, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development Studies visited Preah Vihear province for village assessment as part of the 100 Model Village Project. The team was joined by staff from Preah Vihear authority to visit thirteen villages and interview numerous government officers from the provincial to local level, community leaders, and villagers to understand local situation and challenges. These villages include Eco-Village, Bosbow, Ann Ses, Teuk Krahom, Kompong Sralao, Tmat Pouy, Sen Chey, Kontout, Steung Keaw, Sroyan Tbong, Romchek, Koh Ker, and Sra Em Cheung. On the way to Preah Vihear, the team also made a visit to Kompong Cham to see the bamboo bridge, which can potentially be replicated as a tourism attraction in Preah Vihear.

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