Cambodia’s development vision for a progressive, inclusive, and sustainable society

Post-conflict Cambodia presents an illuminating case of extraordinary success stories of peacebuilding, national reconciliation, and economic development. Since complete peace has been restored in 1998, Cambodia has achieved remarkably high economic growth performance of an average 8 percent per annum. Moreover, poverty rate has dropped significantly from 53 percent in 2004 to only about 10 percent in 2019. In tandem, education and healthcare sectors have improved remarkably.

This rapid socio-economic development and all other achievements Cambodia has achieved are attributed to a hard-earned peace and stability through a well-thought strategy of national reconciliation and peace building. Samdech Prime Minister Hun Sen emphasised at the 75th Session of the UNESCAP in Bangkok early this week that peace, stability, and inclusive and equitable growth are the cornerstones for national development.

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