Asean is a bedrock of peace and prosperity

In his forward-looking statement to commemorate 20th anniversary of Cambodia’s membership in Asean, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that, “In the context of increasing geopolitical rivalry and uncertainty, mainly instigated by the heightening competition between superpowers, it is all the more crucial for Cambodia and other Asean member states to remain united so that collectively they can address these arising risks and challenges”.

“As a bloc, Asean can ward off adverse impacts caused by the constantly-changing global geopolitical landscape and uncertainties. It can build an open, transparent, inclusive and rules-based international order and ensure that everyone will fairly benefit from regional integration and the community building process,” he added.

Regarding Asean as a cornerstone of its foreign policy, Cambodia has proactively and responsibly participated in the Asean Community building. Mr Hun Sen himself has a long, broad and deep knowledge of Asean, as he is the longest serving political leader in the region.

Chheang Vannarith is President of the Asian Vision Institute (AVI).

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