Intellectuals found ‘visionary institute’

The launch of the Asian Vision Institute (AVI) by Cambodian and Asian intellectual groups was announced at an event hosted by Sofitel Hotel on Thursday.

The institute seeks to offer better opportunities to the next generation and to share innovative ideas to solve the various problems that Asia currently faces in the areas of security, stability and sustainable development.

Dr Vannarith Chheang, a member of the AVI, said the institute aims to strengthen cooperation in the region, conduct practical policy and programme research for Cambodia and other Asian countries.

“[AVI] was founded to enhance interpersonal relationships and to push for an exchange of ideas and dialogue to make the entirety of Asia a better and more stable, secure and developed place,” he said.

AVI founder Dr Sok Siphana hopes the institute will help the next generation of Cambodians obtain research experience and become voices that can contribute ideas to the world.

He added that he wants future Cambodians to learn how to conduct proper, more accurate research about their history and document it rather than rely solely on international research and publications about the Kingdom’s history.

“If the French write about [Cambodian history], they will write through a colonial vision. Someone coming from [rich European countries] will write about Cambodia through a vision of a poor country."

“Someone from the US writing about our country would rarely write something good about us, because they lost the Vietnam War and it embarrasses them,” Siphana said.

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